Semi-underground containers

Our semi-underground containers are an excellent solution for places with large amounts of waste, that is residential estates, housing co-operatives, shopping centres or recreation centres, when we want to maintain high level of aesthetics and avoid making the place of waste storage embarrassing.

The essence of semi-underground containers is the use of underground space located in an area that was not previously used (75% of the entire underground container). With the use of space below the ground level we can save space over ground which may be used, e.g. for green areas or parking space.

The semi-underground container system does not require from waste collection companies any financial outlays for handling them. It features exclusively present solutions applied for emptying out “bell”/”igloo” type containers, and it frequently allows to reduce costs of collection service as our containers may be handled by a single employee of a waste collection company.

Semi-underground container system is a much cheaper solution than underground container system which makes the former relatively commonly used compared to the traditional solutions in the form of bin shelters. When using semi-underground container system, you do not have to apply for a construction permit – it is sufficient to make an ordinary construction notification.


Body of semi-underground container

Body of semi-underground container is made of polyethylene.We grant a 10-year warranty for body of our semi-underground container as it is virtually indestructible throughout the life cycle of semi-underground container.The shape of our semi-underground container causes the phenomenon of waste compression which reduces its capacity and in the consequence reduces costs of waste transport. Placing body of semi-underground container below the ground level delays waste decomposition by maintaining the constant temperature of 10-15oC. It is particularly important during summer when it enables elimination of unpleasant smells caused by fermentation of some waste.

Cover with a flap

The cover is made of HDPE with additives which make it more resistant to UV rays, that is they ensure its colour will not change.Placing the cover at the level of 120 cm facilitates throwing waste, and the shape and fastening of a disposal flap makes it ergonomic. Inlet openings are adapted to users’ needs and may be adapted to bulk waste and to a small glass bottle.The flap of inlet opening may be fitted with a traditional lock or an electromagnetic card.

Fitting the flap with an electronic system will allow to analyse users’ habits which can lead cost optimisation of waste collection system service.

Emptying system

Containers are emptied out with use of vehicles with standard two-hook hydraulic vehicle crane system, the same as commonly used in the Polish market for emptying out containers of “bell/igloo” type where one hook is used for pulling out the container over the surface and the other for handling closing flaps. When the container is emptied out the concrete tank is secured by automatically pulled out safety platform to prevent accidents. Mechanical system is used in container emptying out that facilitates pulling out containers from concrete tanks. All elements are made of materials meeting relevant technical and safety standards. We also offer one-hook, three-hook and Kinshofer type systems.


Container insert

“Big bag” (reusable bag)

Recommended primarily for gathering paper and plastic waste. As it is manufactured on the basis of polyethylene materials, it is water resistant, waterproof. A cut-resistant, strengthened insert is used in the bag intended for glass or waste collection. A mechanism was used for closing and opening the bag when emptying out that allows to make these actions from a distance of a few metres – when the bag is above a waste collection vehicle. Depending on a type of the container it is available with the size of 1.5, 3.0 and 5.0 m3.

Inter steel insert

For waste/heavy secondary raw materials, such as glass, mixed/wet municipal waste or biowaste, we offer semi-underground container where instead of the bag we install internal steel container. The advantages of this solution include:
indestructibility of structure throughout container life cycle (made of hot dip galvanised steel which eliminates corrosion)
• problem-free solution concerning leachate (bottom door gathering up to 1001 leachate)
• waste collection with a two-hook system (identical as for bell/igloo)
bags may not be cut by glass
• easy to maintain cleanliness
it is not necessary to replace bags (savings of several thousand € over several years)


Notification sent to construction supervision authority is sufficient for installation of semi-underground container – construction permit is not required. Order of installation works: Making a pit in the ground in line with dimensions, Installation of container body in the pit, Installation of insert with underground container cover in the body, Levelling and finishing works around the container. Depending on conditions, the installation of undergrounds container takes up to several hours.