Red Line Station


  • Red Line station is also offered in children, colourful graphic design
  • Station of recycling bins
  • Attractive appearance and space savings makes it ideally suited for heavy traffic places, like schools corridors
  • Wide range of lids, chutes and labels allows for the ability to easily expand your recycling program
  • Clear markings make waste collection easy
  • Recycling stations are made from high quality polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Made with the injection method from a new granulate of low density polyethylene (PE-HD), without admixture of reglanulat

Marking plates:

  • Explicit labelling in the form of colour plates and lids allows for a clean sort

Colour lids:

  • Each of the containers has a colour lid with a chute corresponding to the segregated waste in that part of the station.

Connection set:

  • Secure multiple containers to create a sturdy recycling station
Capacity of single bin 87 L
Height (mm) 760
Width (mm) 280
Depth (mm) 510
Weight (kg) 3,2


offices, cafes, schools, corridors in buildings