PPbin specializes in design, manufacture and installation of modern underground and semi-underground municipal waste containers.

The company has been established in response to the needs reported by dynamic and development-oriented municipalities, municipal companies, developers, housing co-operatives and condominiums. The company builds its competitive edge on many years’ experience of shareholders in municipal branch and knowledge of the specificity and conditions of local markets.

Our company is involved in all phases of the investment process – from the first arrangements to acceptance of a completed project.

Managers of the Company

The Managers of PPbin are people with many years of experience in the waste management industry, in particular in the waste container manufacturing sector in the Western concerns. We are proud that the group of our managers are people with experience on this position of dustcart loader, dispatcher, sales representative, presidents of the management board or members of supervisory boards.

We employ construction designers experienced in preparation of the largest investments in the region concerning underground containers. We cooperate with one of the best in the market design studio engaging architects, engineers and graphic designers.