PPbin specializes in design, manufacture and installation of modern, innovative underground and semi-underground containers for municipal waste.

We offer comprehensive service and together with our designers and design studio, we assist our Clients in creating a design concept, functional and utility program, construction design and the set of permits and design documents.

The company has been established in response to the needs reported by dynamic and development-oriented municipalities, municipal companies, developers, housing co-operatives and condominiums. Based on the Polish capital, the company builds its competitive edge on many years’ experience of shareholders in municipal branch and knowledge of the specificity and conditions of local markets.

Benefits for investors

• cheaper solution (in the few years’ time) compared to traditional systems, e.g. bin shelters
• allows to save space allotted for waste collection
• large capacity of the containers reduces logistic costs due to a less frequent waste collection
• low operation costs; simple and durable structure (10 years warranty)
• it is easier to maintain cleanliness compared to bin shelters
• rodents, e.g. rats, have no access to waste
• third parties have no access to waste, e.g. it is not possible to take out secondary raw materials

Benefits for users

• they improve aesthetics of surroundings
• they may be matched to the appearance of surroundings
• easy access and high ergonomics of use
• increased safety for users
• they provide easy access for children and the disabled


Thank you for finfing us on IFAT exhibition

Thank you for visiting our exhibition stand at European largest municipal's sector trade fair IFAT 2018. We hope to see you again during the IFAT 2020 trade fair.